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Eco Media & Hi Tech Design

Eco Design & Electronics

We design small, functional solar public art.  We also design modern packaging, wearable tech art and high tech fashion gadgets.   Some of our cool designs include:

  • Solar Public Art:
    - One of our small new functional solar public art designs costs
       only $2,900 and it saves about $720 a year in utility costs per year.
    - The $4,700 model saves approximately $1,100 in utility costs per year.

    Savings++ In addition to the above savings, you will get at least
    $1,200 in tax deductions for using green energy.. so why wait?
    Go Green! Call Peregreens 888 666 7723!

  • Modern Hi-Tech LED Enabled Packaging:
    - Containers for bottles
    - Packaging for cosmetics and perfume bottles
    - Hi-tech organizers that can be GPS enabled
    - Solar bags and containers that can be used as lanterns

       Our designs are efficient, functional and fun.  Our bags and packagings
       can be designed to recognize a voice and can light up and interact with a user.

  • Organic Low Cost Durable Packaging:
    We use papyrus, yarn and palm fiber which has very high elasticity.  
    Our proprietary mix is very light and extremely durable.
    Our packaging has great design and can be re-used in many functional ways.